Oct 25, 2022

AMEP 2 Deliverables for 2021-22

Each year, AMEP 2 publicly shares the study reports, handbooks, and deliverables produced by its experts. Between 2021 and 2022, AMEP 2 collaborated with its government, industry, and civil society partners on activities, including the revision of Mongolia's subsoil law, furtherment of public  participation in environmental and social impact assessments, and development of methodological guidelines for five key minerals. Here is the list of AMEP 2 deliverables from 2021-22.

I. Draft Revision of Mongolia's Subsoil Law 

Click here to view the draft revision of Mongolia's subsoil law in Mongolian.

II. Methodical Recommendation Applied for Classification of Mineral Resources and Certain Types of Deposits’ Reserves of Mongolia

1. Beryllium in Mongolian and English. 
 Manganese in Mongolian and English
 Nickel and Cobalt in Mongolian and English
4. Phosphate in Mongolian and English. 
 Chromium in Mongolian and English. 

III. Public participation in environmental and social impact assessment. 

Click here to download the handook "Environmental impact assessment and stakeholders' participation" in Mongolian. 

IV. Development of e-learning program on gender issues in the mining sector. 

1. Please click here to download the e-learning program on gender and human rights issues in the extractives sector (Mongolian). 
Click here to download a series of posters on gender and human rights in the extractives sector.

V. AMEP 2's annual report for 2021-22 can be downloaded here (English).

Deliverables from previous years can be located on the following links: 

2019 - 2020: 
2020 - 2021: https://amep.mn/news-detail/31?lang_id=2

Should you have any questions or clarifications regarding our reports and deliverables, feel free to email us at info@amep.mn.