Apr 27, 2023

Youth and Careers in Mining Event

The Mongolian National Mining Association with support from AMEP 2 conducted a half day event focused on the Future Miners. Some 500 secondary students attended to learn more about mining careers and opportunities for scholarships. The interactive event saw a series of presentations and a live band participate.

A presentation by Rena Guenduez AMEP Team Lead highlighted that there are some 120 careers that youth can tap into as they make decisions about their future.  There are jobs that are directly linked to the mining company, indirectly through the mining supply chain and induced opportunities that are a result of communities supporting the mine.  She highlighted that not all careers require a university degree and many require a diploma, or apprenticeship positions. Exploration and mining need semi-skilled, skilled and trades and these may be specific to the four phases of the Mine Life Cycle.  Rena also highlighted her career pathway from anthropologist/sociologist towards natural resource management specialist, ultimately working as a leading professional as Manager of Environment and Sustainability leading mining companies and working with engineering firm. 

She highlighted her foray into international development work managing projects in countries such as Ethiopia, Mexico and Afghanistan and Mongolia. She discussed the importance of being able to transform and seeking out opportunities.  Her presentation also highlighted that the future in mining lies with new technologies and skills related to data analysis, robotics, AI, renewable energy and environmental, social and governance. 
The event closed with a panel discussion and awarding of scholarships for students interested in careers.