May 18, 2023

The Tour to Explore Geology and Mining Event took place in Khuld soum

The Journey to Explore Geology and Mining Event spotlighted the importance of building local relationships between communities, herders, and mining companies in the extractive sector. This initiative supported through the Australia Mongolia Extractive Program (AMEP2) saw over 180 community members from Khuld Soum, attend a half day event, to learn about the value and importance of minerals and metals, exploration and mining in their community and daily lives. Visiting and touring the event was the Honorable Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Commonwealth of Australia to Mongolia, Ms. Katie Smith, along with honorary delegates and representatives from the Ministry of Mines and Heavy Industry, Dundgobi’s regional government and AMEP 2.  Speaking to the audience the Honorable Ambassador highlighted that “There are many commonalities shared by our country and people, including our minerals sectors. Mining plays a significant role in driving economic development and growth both here in Mongolia but also in Australia. Better mining means more jobs, greater productivity and increased growth and investments. Australia is pleased to play a role in supporting Mongolia’s resources sector through bilateral programs such as the “Australia Mongolia Extractives Program (AMEP 2)”.

The event saw included a meet and great session held with local exploration and mining company representatives. Companies such as Innova Minerals had an opportunity to present their project to soum community members and leaders, who in turn had a chance to ask questions about their project. Families got a first-hand viewpoint of an underground mine through virtual reality and learn about direct and indirect career opportunities in the sector.  Games and science experiments, as well as rock identification saw young and old participate in gaining knowledge from technical experts in the field. A live theatre troupe led by actress Sh.Altantsetseg, featured a participatory performance reflecting on the importance of all citizens to become knowledgeable, participate, and provide feedback through exploration and mining consultations. The days event included a site visit led by the local Governor to the soum primary and secondary school where students welcomed the honorable delegates, with a Morin Khuur concert. This was followed by a classroom visit were teachers and students engaged in conversations with the Ambassador and AMEP 2 Team Lead, showcasing their improved knowledge on local geological and natural features due to the AMEP 2 community geology training program. Rock collection samples, magnifying glasses and learning toolkits donated by AMEP 2 were also presented. To gain a further understanding of the amazing geological features within the soum, a trip to the White Stuppa “Mongolia’s Grand Canyon” was organized by the local soum Governor.
The AMEP2 program is funded by DFAT and AusAid and this event is part of its Making Minerals Valuable community relationship building activity. It is taking place in three soums in the month of May and June.