Mar 16, 2023

Commencement of Mongolian Professional Association Training Series

The first training event was held on March 16th with a purpose to support and strengthen Mongolia’s Professional Associations operating in the extractives sector.  Associations play an important role in setting industry standards for excellence, as well as promoting professional development, and creating opportunities for networking that can lead to member skills development, downstream certification, and potential employment opportunities. AMEP 2 and its collaborative partners are providing Association leaders, management teams and members with an opportunity to participate in a 5 Module series.  Today’s training event commenced with a focus on “Creating Shared Value” through a means to developing organizational frameworks, strategies and plans. Led by Ms M.Oyunchimeg CEO from the Institute for the Future, and Sh.Enkhtuul from NUM, training participants explored various concepts related to creating a shared value for their organization and its’ role in strategic organizational management.
Some 60 participants joined in the training both on-line and in person. These individuals represented a broad range of sector professions from mining engineers, geologists, metallurgists, to environmental scientists. The trainings will continue until June and will be conducted in unison with professional competency assessments for organizations and professionals as well as 11 identified ISO Standard trainings.