Mar 06, 2023

Towards Strengthening Mongolia’s Extractive Sector Professional Associations

The event to introduce the finding of the Rapid Training Need Assessment to support Mongolia’s Extractive Sector Professional Associations is organised on 02 March. Acting State Secretary of the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry B.Byambadagva and 30 participants from geology, mining and environment sector participated in the event.

Professional Associations play an important role in strengthening the investment environment. Strong and credible associations can set industry standards for excellence, promote professional development, and create opportunities for networking that can lead to member skills development, certification, and potential employment opportunities.  The Australia Mongolia Extractive Program (AMEP 2) is currently working in collaboration with the United Council of Geological Associations of Mongolia and the Council of Mining Professional Associations to strengthen approximately some 53 registered mining, geology and related environmental associations in Mongolia. The overall aim of this collaboration is to engage association leadership and management teams and their membership base in building stronger professionals that can compete with international peers while providing opportunities for networking, skills development and accreditation.

To achieve some of these key objectives a baseline assessment study and consultation process was conducted with a focus on training needs.  This work revealed that one of the key challenges facing many of these Associations is access to funding, thereby limiting opportunities for organizational and management growth, which in turn limits services, networking opportunities and specialized professional training opportunities for its members.  This in turn impacts professional competitiveness, credibility, the application of best practices in relation to international peers.  Other issues raised by participants in the study revealed that leadership, governance, and communications are needed to improve the Associations and strengthen the membership base. These and many more identified needs are now in the process of being developed into a 5 Module training program that be available for leaders, management teams and members to attend.

The trainings will also be accompanied by specific International Standards Organization trainings (ISO) that include a competency assessment for the Associations and its members so that they have an opportunity to build their professional capacity through international certification.  All these trainings and programs will be announced through AMEP 2 and its’ collaborative partners. 

AMEP is the program implemented within the cooperation between Mongolian and Australian Governments and aims to improve the investment environment for the extractives sector in Mongolia based on government, civil society, and the private sector collaboration. The program, which had two phases since 2015, is refunded by DFAT and Australian Aid and is being implemented by ASI, which is an international consultant corporation.