Jul 23, 2021

AMEP 2's Deliverables for 2020-2021

AMEP 2 engages top national and international experts who conduct scientific research and produce high-quality reports and presentations. Each year, AMEP publicly shares these reports with the public. All the deliverables produced in 2020-2021 are made available in English and Mongolian.  

I. Royalty
1. Discussion Paper on the Imposition of Mineral Royalties on Minor Elements: English and Mongolian;
2. Legal Framework Study on Royalty Treatments of the Minor Element: English and Mongolian;
3. PowerPoint Presentation: Discussion Paper on the Imposition of Mineral Royalties on Minor Elements. English and Mongolian;
4. Cast Iron and Steel Smelting Technology (PPT): Mongolian;
5. Copper Smelting Technology (PPT): Mongolian;
6. Zinc Refinery Technology (PPT): Mongolian;

II. Environmental Auditing
1. "Theory to Practice" Environmental Audit Training Handbook in Mongolian 

III. Mineral Guidelines
1. Aluminium: Mongolian and English;
2. Lithium and Caesium: Mongolian and English;
3. Sand and Gravel: Mongolian and English;
4. Graphite: Mongolian and English;
5. Carbonate Rocks: Mongolian and English;
6. Salt: Mongolian and English;
7. Rare Earth Element: Mongolian and English;

IV. Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

1. "Legal Reform of Public Participation in the EIA" Policy Research Report: Mongolian and English
2. "Public Participation in EIA" International Best Practice in Mongolian;
3. "Public Participation in EIA" Stakeholders' Survey in Mongolian
4. Regulations and Implementation Review of Public Participation in EIA in Mongolian
5. "Public Participation in EIA" Citizens' Meeting Notes' Analysis  Mongolian

V. Exploration Licencing

1. "Exploration Licensing in Western Australia and Queensland" report in English and Mongolian;
2. Exploration Licencing Australian Practice (PPT) in English
3. Digitization Report in Mongolian;
4. Exploration License Report in Mongolian

VI. Mine Closure

1. Mine Closure Plan and Cost (PPT) in Mongolian.

Reports and deliverables produced in 2019-2020 can be found here: https://www.amep.mn/news-detail/16

Should you have any questions or clarificaitons, please feel free to reach us at info@amep.mn.