Oct 06, 2023

AMEP program participated in Mongolian Mining Expo 2023

The Mongolian Mining Expo 2023 got off to a very busy start this year with the active participation of over 400 exhibitors including the Australia Mongolia Extractives Program Phase 2 (AMEP2).  Situated within the Australia Pavilion and sponsored by the Australian Government, AMEP’s participation aimed to introduce about the program, create awareness on the responsible mining and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).
About 150 people actively engaged with the AMEP 2 team during the exhibition.  These individuals represented mining companies, suppliers and the public all interested in learning about AMEPs mission and its 9-year journey in delivering over 50 key activities in support of the extractives sector. 

During the event Team Leader Rena Guenduez, gave a presentation on the importance of ESGs, in today’s investment environment and its importance from mine to market. AMEP recently produced Strengthening Mongolia’s Professional Associations in the Extractive Sector Toolkit, which is currently available on-line.

Overall, the event was well attended. AMEP2 will actively be participating in Mongolia’s Mining Week.  Join the team in some important activities and participate.

The Government of Mongolia and the Government of Australia have partnered for the development and implementation of the Australia Mongolia Extractives Program to assist Mongolia to improve the investment environment for the extractives sector in Mongolia through collaboration of government, industry, and civil society.