May 11, 2023

The Tour to Explore Geology and Mining Event took place in Altanshiree soum

The Tour to Explore Geology and Mining Event spotlighted the importance of building local relationships between communities, herders, and mining companies. This Australia-Mongolia Extractive Program (AMEP 2) funded event gathered more than 100 community members from Altanshiree Soum to come together under several gers to learn about each other and about the importance of minerals and metals in their community. The half day event saw a series of activities and events implemented with a meet and great session over milk tea with local exploration and mining company representatives. Companies had an opportunity to present their projects with soum community members. Families had an opportunity to get a first-hand view of an underground mine through virtual reality and learn about direct and indirect career opportunities in the sector. Games and science experiments as well as rock identification saw most of people, who attended the event, participate in gaining firsthand knowledge from experts in the field. The event also featured a live theatre troupe led by actress Sh.Altantsetseg, engaging the audience in a live theatre performance that reflected on the role and responsibility of all citizens to participate, become knowledgeable and provide feedback through exploration and mining consultations. The AMEP 2 program is funded by DFAT and AusAid and this event is part of its Making Minerals Valuable community relationship building activity.