May 05, 2023

AMEP 2 Supports the Mongolian National Mining Association “Responsible Mining Event”

The Australia-Mongolia Extractives Program 2 (AMEP 2) in cooperation with the Mongolian National Mining Association, Erdenet Mining Corporation, and the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry are holding the’ first “Responsible Mining Event” in Erdenet City. This event is being held on the 5th and 6th of May 2023. 

The event aims to bring together over 500 delegates from across Mongolia’s western provinces including Orkhon, Khuvsgul, Arkhangai, Bulgan Uverhangai, and Bayankhongor. Delegates will have a first-hand opportunity to familiarize themselves with extractive sector best practices, impact mitigation and management measures, as well as the opportunities and benefits that responsible mining can bring to local communities. 

Guest speakers will address a range of topics that will highlight sector policies, international and national frameworks, community relations and initiatives such as the MNMA Mining Codex. Responsible mining touches upon a range of social and environmental issues such as gender inclusion, human rights, health, and safety, cultural heritage, environmental remediation, as well as contributing to sustainable development.   The event will provide stakeholders from diverse sectors such as industry, civil society, associations, local government, and institutions an opportunity to share experiences, viewpoints, on their thoughts around “what responsible mining means and what it should deliver”. 

The AMEP 2 program in collaboration with the Government of Mongolia, industry and civil society aims to improve and support an enabling investment environment, that is responsible, competitive, inclusive, transparent and considers communities and the environment. Currently the program is working with diverse collaborative partners to deliver 8 key activities ranging from building a digital road map to activities focused on community public education based on making minerals valuable, to the development of an Environmental, Social and Governance ESG toolkit. AMEP 2 is working in collaboration with the MNMA on the delivery and awareness raising around its’ Responsible Mining Framework and Codex with an aim of a wider adoption by mining companies to voluntarily commit to extractive sector best practices.