May 04, 2023

An Update from the Desk of the Team Leader

Dear Fellow Partners, Colleagues, and Friends of AMEP 2,

With spring in the air, I thought it would be time to provide you with an update. Since July 2022 we have found ourselves actively collaborating with our partners, planning, assessing and more recently presenting findings, and implementing meaningful activities. The Lunar New Year has seen us begin a series of seminars and presentations based on important extractive sector baseline studies.  Research work has been completed on a series of rapid assessments for our activities focused on Making Mining Valuable, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESGs), Social Conflict Mapping, Royalties and Taxes a Cost Benefit Analysis, and Strengthening Professional Associations to mention a few.  These are now being made available on our website for everyone to use and share.

April has also been filled with ongoing activities, which are now continuing into the months of May and June.  So please check our calendar for exciting events and join us in these activities.  Work has also begun on our final year’s Annual Workplan, that will see the close-out of our program and activities by the end of the year, with 3 months to spare in 2024 to physically close operations.  Sadly, given the time constraints we will not be accepting collaborative partnership proposals at this time.  

Time has gone quickly since the inception of AMEP in 2015. There have been more than 5-10 activities per year since program implementation and countless collaborative partners representing government, industry, and civil society.  As we begin to wind down it is with great hope that you our partners, colleagues and friends will help support us in telling the AMEP story and its’ role in building unique collaborative partnerships and in strengthening and supporting the countries extractives investment environment.  We will look forward to your feedback this year and next. 

On this note I look forward to meeting and greeting old and new friends as we continue to move forward with this year’s local and national activities.

With kind regards,
Rena Guenduez