May 02, 2023

Multi-Stakeholders Actively Participates in ESG Workshop

AMEP 2 has been undertaking a series of workshops introducing its ESG Extractive Sector Toolkit.  The toolkit aims to provide user with the necessary information and guidance on international Mongolian ESG reporting frameworks, reporting requirements and mechanisms, corporate commitments, and case studies as well as much more. The introduction of ESGs to government, industry and civil society will enable communities to understand current industry trends and enable them to promote sustainable businesses practices through engagement with key stakeholders. 

As introduced by the Team Lead Rena Guenduez, “ESGs play a significant role multi-sided organizations as they are key to promoting a transparent sector and can increase industry social and environmental standards and improve overall performance, mitigating and reducing community impacts and conflicts”. There were about 40 attendees at the series training event held at the Corporate Hotel on 11, 28 April and 02 May, 2023.