Sep 12, 2022

A Note from AMEP 2’s Team Leader

Warm Greetings to all our AMEP 2 Friends, Collaborative Partners, Colleagues and Followers,
As the beautiful Mongolian summer slowly comes to an end, the AMEP 2 Team is turning its attention to what promises to be new and exciting 2022-2023 program year. Not only will this autumn be filled with some new program activities, but also new collaborative partners and beneficiaries.  With the call for proposals in April of this year, AMEP 2 received 53 collaborative proposals, of which ten leading ones were selected. The collaborative proposals covered a broad range of thematic topics and proved to be a challenge to select, given both their innovative approach and the needs expressed, that support and enable a stronger extractive sector investment environment.  Again, on behalf of our AMEP 2 Team, we would like to take this moment once again to personally thank all those who participated in our call for collaborative proposal.  

We anticipate that once approvals are secured this month, AMEP 2 will be able to make an official announcement on the new program activities for 2022-2023.  So please stay tuned to learn more.  This of course will set the stage for a busy season as we begin to collaborate with new and old partners on the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of program activities.  Our team is already busily preparing for this coming announcement, laying the groundwork to be able to take on new challenges and opportunities.

On this note I look forward to keeping you all informed on all our upcoming exciting developments.

With kind regards,

Rena Guenduez
AMEP 2 Team Leader