Feb 01, 2024

AMEP Supports the AustCham Knowledge Sharing Initiative

The Australia Mongolia Extractives Program (AMEP) is in the process of completing its mission of providing technical assistance and capacity building to the Mongolian extractives sector. As part of its legacy, AMEP has handed over its reports, documents, tools and other resources to the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AustCham). This handover is a significant milestone for both AMEP and AustCham, as it ensures the sustainability and accessibility of the valuable information and knowledge that AMEP has generated over the years.
AustCham is a leading business association that represents a diverse range of Australian and international companies operating in Mongolia. By receiving AMEP's resources, AustCham will be able to offer its members and partners a wealth of information and guidance on various aspects of the extractives sector, such as policy, regulation, governance, environment, social responsibility, and innovation. This will enhance the ease of doing business and the competitiveness of Australian companies in Mongolia, as well as support their initiatives and contributions to the development of the sector and the country.
The handover will also benefit Mongolian companies and stakeholders in the extractives sector, as they will have access to AMEP's resources through AustCham's platforms and networks. This will enable them to learn from AMEP's best practices and experiences, and to apply them to their own operations and challenges. The handover will thus foster mutual learning and collaboration between Australian and Mongolian entities in the extractives sector, and promote a more sustainable and inclusive development of the sector.