Feb 24, 2021

​Improving Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment

In one of its six activities for 2020-2021, AMEP, in consultation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism,  will examine public participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to determine whether amendments are needed to regulations to improve the process. This “Improving Public Participation in EIA “ project consists of the following key tasks:
- Review of legislative documents, decrees and guidance, and their implementation;
- Comparative analysis of select meeting minutes and decisions of the bagh and khoroo citizens’ meetings and EIA reports;
- Desktop studies on international best practice for, at least, four countries; and
- Stakeholder survey to identify key issues and potential solutions to improve public participation in EIA.
With this work and in consultation with stakeholders, AMEP plans to develop recommendations for amending the Ministerial decree in ways that will improve public participation and help to establish positive and productive relationships between community, government, and companies.  This activity helps improve collaboration and cooperation between community, government agencies, and project implementers, and contributes to better decision making around environmental impacts and their management.