Australia Mongolia Extractives Program - 2

Australia Mongolia Extractives Program Phase 2 (2019-2023)
aims to improve the investment environment in the extractives sector through collaboration between government, industry and civil society.

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Australia Mongolia Extractives Program - 1

AMEP 1 successfully completed a number of projects between 2015 and 2019 including the establishment of Mongolia’s geological cataloguing system and the development of a strategy for the gold sector.

About us
Australia Mongolia Extractives Program

Australia Mongolia Extractives Program, AMEP, is a joint initiative by the Government of Mongolia and the Government of Australia and is designed to assist Mongolia to sustainably manage its resource-led growth.

About us
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The Government of Mongolia and the Government of Australia have partnered for the Australia Mongolia Extractives Program (AMEP) to assist Mongolia to sustainably manage its resource-led growth. After a successful first phase of the program between 2015 – 2019, the second phase of the program commenced on 1 April 2019 with an expanded scope and set of stakeholders.

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Knowledge Hub

AMEP aims to promote the accessibility and use of its knowledge products. The reports and case studies are the result of AMEP commissioned activities and produced by our experts in collaboration with our partners.

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Nov 22, 2021

Call for Expression of Interest

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism and AMEP invite you to submit an expression of interest to develop recommendations and conduct online trainings to impro...

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Nov 19, 2021

Mongolia’s Extractives Sector Develops Online Training Modules on Human Rights and Gender Issues

The Australian Government is pleased to support the Mongolian Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industries in its effort to implement its gender policy in the extrac...

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Nov 10, 2021

Methodological guidelines for prospecting, exploration and reporting of resources and reserves for the key minerals

By Delgersaikhan. A.*, Ukhnaa. G.**, Altankhuyag. D.***, Altanzul. B.**, and Byambajav. Ch.* * Geological research and planning division, MMHI; ** Center for M...

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Nov 07, 2021

Professor Guj: Mongolia needs to address its royalty on mineral elements

AMEP Experts series feature Dr. Pietro Guj, Professor of Mineral Economics at the University of Western Australia.

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Nov 06, 2021

Byambajav L: Mongolia is unique in levying the royalty on minor elements

We interviewed Mr. Byambajav, L., AMEP 2 Royalty Expert regarding Mongolia’s mineral royalty regime focusing on how the Government levies royalty on minerals ...

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Oct 15, 2021

AMEP Newsletters

To effectively communicate with the public and its stakeholders, AMEP 2 has been developing various communication materials, including AMEP Newsletter. Here you...

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